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Broadcast 2000 

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Aidan Williamson

12th February 2010
At 17:15 GMT

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When asked to describe his music in three words, B2K front-man Joe Steer chose the immortal words "Tinkle", "pluck" and "thwack". Personally we'd have opted for "stereophonic folk.... bitch". Always get stuck on the third word...

In the recording studio, Broadcast 2000 is Steer's own baby. Being the man for all occasions is usually a fairly hefty burden to bear, yet Steer manages it with ease and grace, granting equal footing to instrumentation as to vocals. He doesn't scrimp on the eclecticism either, all manner of tones, timbres and pitches are elicited from all manner of instruments. Pretty lines do not make a drawing though, so it's fortunate that Steer also has his song-writing ability in check.

Not that anything on this eponymous album is likely to set the world alight. It's individualistic to prove interesting to the more adventurous of music lovers, yet is far too unassuming to even contemplate a star-grab. No, Steer's eyes remains humbly trained to the earth. An affable trait, but as anybody will attest, you have to extend yourselves in some way to really make a splash these days. Competence is no defence.

There can be no recommending one track over the other on this album. All of them exude a certain charm of their own and all share the "tinkle, pluck, thwack" approach to arrangement. It is a smart move on Steer's part to really surround the listener with the experience, oscillating the various instruments around the mix like cartoon birds to an injured baby.

Overall, its quiet nature becomes an obstacle, but for the man or woman aiming to wile away 30 minutes with the company of a pleasing companion, this will certainly be worth tuning in to.

Rating:  7 / 10

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