Strange Glue and The Post-Rock Underground: Vol. 3

As the new decade begins we all set off on ambitious missions to achieve, succeed and explore. For some people they do so by working hard, for others they get their travelling boots on and for those reading, it's probably portrayed as a quest for new music. 

If you are from the latter group then here's us getting the ball rolling, a compilation of the finest Post-Rock music around. A scientifically-proven mix of awe-inspiring tracks from both established and fledgling bands. Eight tracks of new, rare or unreleased material to tickle your fancy, tickle your auditory canal and to tick all your boxes with incendiary sonic explosions.

There is of course a catch, much like your local drug-dealer, we give away the first hit free-of-charge in the knowledge that you'll keep coming back for more at slightly raised prices. This is what is called 'the music industry', so blow the moths from your wallet or purse and start purchasing some albums by these fine bands. Before that though, you can either stream the individual tracks from this comp below or use the 'download album' image to do just that (in .zip container format).

You can also still download our previous samplers free of charge which are all as equally spectacular, just follow the links below to be enlightened...

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1.) The American Dollar - 'Landing'

(Taken from the American Dollar/Arms & Sleepers Split E.P: 'From the Inland Sea')

The American Dollar have recently achieved a feat that very few Post Rock bands have ever managed: popularity. Their latest album 'Atlas' has broken free from the inner-circle of the Post Rock community and wondered into the realm of a more accessible audience otherwise referred to as 'the masses', all without any discernible loss of quality on their part. As you will hear from 'Landing', The American Dollar always the capability to create some of the most epically beautiful songs possible, leaving you eager to sample both the rest of this late '09 E.P and the 2010 masterpiece of 'Atlas'.

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2.) Pg.lost - 'Crystalline'

(Taken from the album "In Never Out")

Clocking in at over ten minutes and covering the entire spectrum of Post Rock experimentation, Crystalline will take you on a roller-coaster ride of sonically-charged emotion. Taken from the outstanding album 'In Never Out' we debated for hours as to which song to use, finally the addictive percussion and raw passion behind Crystalline battered our brains into submission. Pg. Lost are yet another band to keep a close eye on in the near future, their talent is undeniable and their music is unbelievable, truly, one astonishing band.  

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3.) Collapse Under The Empire - 'Crawling'

(Taken from the album "Find A Place To Be Safe")

The duo behind Collapse Under The Empire have already attained critical acclaim from many publications in America. With their latest album out this month, they hope to spread the gospel across the mighty Atlantic. We're pretty sure that the colossal atmosphere from Crawling could in all likelihood be heard all the way from the States without our help, just point your ears outside a window and you'll hear a faint wisp of gasps and bellowing guitars, that's Collapse Under The Empire crawling 3,000 miles to your neighbourhood. Anyway, we thought you may appreciate a digital copy of the track... 

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4.) Pelican - 'Strung Up From The Sky'

(Taken from the album 'What We All Come To Need")

As one of the most successful Post Rock bands around, we're delighted to include such a prestigious addition to our sampler. From their fourth album What We All Come To Need the band have kindly donated an absolute killer of a song that'll illustrate exactly why Pelican are so respected throughout the industry.  

Some people say that Pelicans are ugly and naturally disproportioned, we say that this particular Pelican is probably one of the most wondrous creations of the past decade and we hope you agree. 

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5.) The End Of The Ocean - 'Setting Sail'

(Taken from the EP 'Calm Seas Don't Make Sailors')

We never expected to use a song by The End Of The Ocean or even find such an under-exposed band, but on one fine day, after hours of research we stumbled across this hidden gem. From the very first promotional shot that we laid eyes on we could tell that these folks we're going to be something special, a collection of artists that fit like the most complex puzzle imaginable. The End Of The Ocean have a long journey ahead of them and they clearly have a capable crew to set sail with and who knows, maybe one day they will find the the end of the ocean. See what we did there!

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6.) Analog Sound -  '???????? ? ????????'

(Unreleased material)

Hailing all the way from Moscow, Analog Sound startle us with a combination of relaxed guitar riffs and energetic explosions to master a song that will overload the neurons in your brain. With a name that we can't even attempt to pronounce and with no home to be released on, this song would not normally make it to our sampler, however, we couldn't help but ignore the sheer awesomeness that is ???????? ? ????????. 

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7. ) Microfilm - 'State & Island'

(Taken from the album 'The Bay Of Future Passed')

We're proud to announce that State & Island features the only lyrics on the entire compilation album, and they're French. Microfilm's vocals are far from the normal though and combined with the obscure musical structure they manage to brew an unprecedented atmosphere. The mysterious sound behind State & Island will leave you wanting to decipher every word, the song urges you to know the meaning and please, if you ever manage to crack this cryptic masterpiece then please share your knowledge with us...

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8.) Eimog - 'Saved By Thirteen' 

(Taken From The Album 'Scenario')

Italian quartet Eimog bring the journey to an end with a calming and intricate track from their latest album Scenario. 'Saved By Thirteen' is set apart from the rest of the songs that we've chosen on this sampler but somehow it fits perfectly in place, bringing the album to an atmospheric end. Ten minutes of your life will fly by without realisation, leaving you amazed and serene as the ride comes to an end. 

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