John Vanderslice Swims In Dead Oceans For Romanian Names

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John Vanderslice 

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Brad Kelly

09th February 2009
At 15:25 GMT

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If you could make out what we were trying to get across with that title then well done! Your decrypting skills are up to scratch.

John Vanderslice has signed with Dead Oceans Records (home to the likes of Bowerbirds, Phosphorescent and These Are Powers) for his upcoming album Romanian Names which comes two years after his 2007 release Emerald City.

Along with the signing comes a statement from the Label themselves:

"Thirty seconds into the song, Phil was in a different place altogether. This was unlike any Vanderslice recording he had heard before. This song was, as far as he (Dead Oceans owner Phil Waldorf) could tell, the best tune Vanderslice had ever written, and it needed a home. Gone were thoughts of a terrible flight. Rather than mumbling banal and boring missives about how badly travel sucks, he and his partner were lucky to have one of those great conversations about how they had to be involved with this new thing, this new discovery: John Vanderslice’s new album."

Vanderslice himself also spoke of the label signing, stating:

"In the fall of 2007 I played shows with Bishop Allen and Bowerbirds. I was already in love with both bands. By the end of the tour I had fallen hard for their label, Dead Oceans. I had known Phil for a few years and I deeply respected his taste in music. When he joined the Secretly Canadian / Jagjaguwar family, I started to pay close attention. I am honored to be in the game with these people! They are passionate, aware, loyal and SERIOUS."

Romanian Names is due on May 19th of this year so keep those ears open for what sounds to be one of the more interesting records of the year.

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