Video: Arctic Monkeys - Cornerstone

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Arctic Monkeys 

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Brad Kelly

16th October 2009
At 17:53 GMT

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We already knew that the next 'Humbug'-picked Arctic Monkeys single was going to be 'Cornerstone' and we were also already aware of its November 16th release date.

So, the only thing we were now awaiting was it's accompanying video and, well, lets just say you weren't expecting this.

Directed by Richard Ayoade (Also known on screen as Dean Learner, Saboo or Maurice Moss, depending on how early you're willing to go back into his career), the video is just a white background and frontman Alex Turner singing into a tape-recorder of some kind.

It's quite obviously just a bit of muck-about and meant to be funny (though it already seems that some sites just aren't really getting it) and though it's not exactly the best idea for an actual music-video, Turner's faces still manage to make us chuckle at certain points throughout.

What do you think? Watch it below and let us know.


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