Mogwai: Live At The Metropolis, Montreal

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Brad Kelly

12th May 2009
At 23:24 GMT

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Mogwai are a band that sound awesome on CD but even better in front of you. Their music, although fantastically respectable on disc, can never sound as full and as deep as its meant to sound in its true, live form.

As the band hit the stage to a mass of cheers and whoops, they finally settle behind their respective instruments and begin. Flashes and swirls of green light swallow the five members as their slow, lolloping music strikes to life. Distant rumbles of bass and distorted guitar slowly burn into catastrophically loud prog-rock. 

"Merci Beaucoup!" they shout to the majoritively French-Canadian crowd as thunderous applause raise from the the balconies and floor. That's all the crowd will hear tonight; "Thanks very much! Merci!". It's not exactly fantastic crowd interaction but when you're going to see a band like Mogwai, would you expect mid-jokes and petty banter? We think not.

Throughout the next hour and thirty-ish minutes, we were treated to some of the best drone / shoe-gaze / gloom-rock we've heard in years. The bands music outside of a studio setting is twice as devastating. Guitar notes are held for minutes on end as the remaining members hypnotise with repetitive, twitchy discordance. Red and cold blue spot-lights fade in and out of each-other, adding to the synaesthetic nightmare before our eyes. Rough, melodic fuzz emanates from four (yes, four) guitars and though the epic, devastating sound rumbles the floor beneath our feet; the band never once break stance.

Though they seemed a little too reserved on stage, that really didn't matter once they began playing. From the first minute to the dying moments, the band were on impeccable form, never faltering and always astounding. If you haven't seen Mogwai yet, then you really haven't witnessed what noise can actually do nowadays. 

Breathtaking to say the least.

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