Field Day 2009 Live: Wild Beasts

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Wild Beasts  Field Day 

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Alice Shyy

05th August 2009
At 10:24 GMT

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A Dispatch from the Field (Day): Real Thoughts in Real-time

from         Alice
date         Field Day 2009 at 6.01PM
subject     apes & androids, we've found worthy stand-ins.

Wild beasts is playing that song ppl seem to all know and like. i like it too! sensing a trend-AITBF prefer their men crazy, falsettoed, and lightwashed denim-clad. like the apes & androids WB replaced on the line-up. not going to say they're BETTER than my beloved androids, but man i'm glad they're here. WB are lovely and weird, but well-loved in this poorly sound-engineered tent. Homeboy with the androgynous voice reeeally knows how to rock it! Percussionist has it going on also--hypnoootic. Perfectly bizarre and a true treat for someone who walked in expecting to see a bunch of long-haired women dressed in earthtones banging glockenspiels. WINNER

...but hey, apes & androids plz come back and see us soon?

Photos courtesy of Ashley Gordon

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