ATP Vs. Fans Live: Errors

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Aidan Williamson

12th May 2009
At 15:03 GMT

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Those not impressed by the brass section which Beirut sported earlier this evening will not be leaving this Saturday empty handed. Imagine looking in a cuff-links box and having Jaws attack you: this is the Errors effect.

Mogwai protégés and fellow Scotsmen Errors are fast becoming the flag-bearers for the 'post-electro' movement. For the uninitiated, imagine post-rock with keyboards and thicker beats and we'll pronounce you present in the ball-park (or whatever the English equivalent of such a phrase is).

Anyone with half a brain should be stroking their début album It's Not Something But It Is Like Whatever this very moment. If not, get clicking on the buy link of your preferred on-line retailer. Or, if you're really archaic, enter into ye olde high street...eth and avail thyself with thee splendour of Errors.

Remember kids, retailer bankruptcy is never funny. Even if they close the local HMV by removing the 'M' first.... one stalk at a time

Live Pics:

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