ATP Breeders Live: Throwing Muses

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Gavin Riley

16th May 2009
At 12:34 GMT

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Remember the time when your parents threw you into the swimming pool and expected you to swim. Well tonight Throwing Muses, after so long on hiatus were thrown into the deep end in front of thousands of fans at the Breeders-curated ATP Festival.

After a short period of treading water, Throwing Muses excelled. There were a few jittery moments though.

The nervous glances at each other, Kristen Hersh even played the wrong intro at one point. "Oops, I'm old and retarded" she told the packed out Pavilion Stage.

And from that moment Throwing Muses were swimming musical tide waves as they laughed and joked throughout their set, Kristen sometimes forgetting that hysterical laughter doesn't sound that good down a booming microphone, but no matter, they kicked into 'Bright Yellow Gun', which audibly gets the biggest sing-a-long of the night. Throwing Muses are very much back on the big stage.

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